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This page includes information on prepaying for Saipan's Sea, Air, Indoor & Land (SAIL) Adventures!

Welcome (hopefully soon) to Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands!
Located in the western pacific, a short flight from Guam and 3 hours from Japan, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) is a popular tourist destination rich in history, culture and natural resources. Saipan, just 5 miles wide by 13 miles long, is the largest and most populated of the 14 islands making up an archipelago that stretches 400 miles (north to south) along the edge of the Marianas Trench. Though small in size, there's always something to do on Saipan:

Sea: Jetskiing, Banana Boat, Marine activities, Wakeboarding, Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Submarine tour
Air: Parasailing, Skydiving
Indoor: Museum visit, the WWII Private collection, Saipan Zoo, Hotel Performances
Land: Tours, Trekking, Walking (Street Market), Off-road,

What you can expect:

Here are the preliminary details you'll need to know to help make your decisions:
• We'll pick up and drop you off at your hotel, B&B or residence. Please be considerate of others as your hotel pick up time is only one of several we make for the activity.
• Weather conditions may make some activities unsafe or render some sites inaccessible and may need to be cancelled.
• Prepayment is requested by debit card, credit card (Amex, Visa, MC, Discover) or Paypal™ to secure your reservation. Don't worry, all prepayments are 100% refundable (no fees; except where noted) if cancelled due to weather, missed flight or any other reason!
• A 5% admin fee applies to all the prices below.
• Credit card sharges will appear as "WALTSPNBOOK" OR "PSNPROF-WALT-SPNBK"
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Marine Activities!


Enjoy an exhilarating jetski experience in Saipan's lagoon! One
• TIME: 20 minutes • COST: $35/per person If 2 people "double up" and ride on one jetski, the total price is $55; You'll be able to request that option below

Banana Boat ride

Enjoy a fun "banana boat" experience in Saipan's lagoon!
Banana boat ride in the lagoon
• TIME: 12-15 minutes
• COST: $25/per person


Enjoy an amazing parasail experience over Managaha island! We'll take you higher than any others who offer parasailing for about 5-8 minutes of flight time!
• CHILDREN: For insurance reasons, the boat captains are not really encouraged to take children younger than 6 years old. (Children are also too small to fit in the adult-sized harnesses we use.) However, if you are traveling with a toddler and have someone else with you who can hold the child in the boat while you are parasailing, that could be permitted.
• COST: $60/per person

Managaha Island Half-Day Trip

You'll find Saipan's Managaha island ranked among the world's best beaches on internet forums, bulletin boards, blogs,and travel sites/magazines earning: #1 best place for snorkeling, #3 on Yahoo Japan's "must-see ranking" of Best Beaches in the World, #6 of the world's best beaches in Vogue Magazine;
A bird's eye view of Managaha!
Snorkeling in crystal clear waters!
• TIMES: To avoid overcrowding on our boats, we request that you plan to arrive/depart according to the following schedule:
(a) 8:40am depart Saipan - 11:50 depart Managaha, or
(b) 10:0am depart Saipan - 2:30pm depart Managaha
It takes about 10 minutes to get to Managaha. This allows you about four hours of fun on the island. Contact us to request different times and/or an overnight stay on the island!
• PICK UP: We offer free pick up and drop off to your hotel wherever you are on Saipan! Pickup time would typically be half hour to 45 minutes before start time.
• COST: $30/per person (visitors are asked to pay a $5 landing fee upon arrival on Managaha)

All-inclusive Marine Activity Package

SAVE: You may wish to consider an all-Inclusive Marine Activity Package: Sail to the world-famous Managaha island by banana boat, enjoy snorkeling in Managaha's crystal clear waters, return to Saipan via parasail, finish the day on a jetski! Bonus: enjoy all-day use of pedal boats, canoes/kayaks, beach bed and tubes at no additional charge!
Banana boat to Managaha, parasailing & jetski
• COST: $120.00 per person


Enjoy a powerful wakeboarding experience!
• COST: $45/per person

Underwater Activities!

Submarine Tour

Enjoy the underwater world of Tanapag Lagoon aboard the Deepstar submarine. From your comfortable seat you will see colorful fishes, beautiful coral and a wide variety of marine life. Sharks, rays and turtles frequently appear in the clear blue water. The tour includes visiting WW2 historical artifacts, airplane and shipwreck sites while viewing Saipan's exotic underwater seascape in air conditioned comfort.The fully certified and inspected submarine is specially designed with large viewports and other features for your comfort.
Deepstar submarine!
View Saipan's amazing underwater world
• COST: $96/per person ($48 under 11)

Scuba Diving (for licensed divers as well as beginners)

It's one of the world's best kept secrets, but Saipan is actually a world class diving location! Yumi, our dive instructor, has 25 years of experience showing guests Saipan's underwater world!
Scuba diving!

• Certified divers must have their OW cards with them
• For the safety of our tourists, Saipan does not allow tourists to rent tanks. All diving must be accompanied by a certified on-island dive master.
• Weather, waves, wind, and the experience of the boat captain and divemasters may affect the itinerary and accessibility and safety of certain dive locations. If you have a specific site you'd like to dive, we ask that you please be prepared to be flexible.
• We'll need to know each person's height, weight & US shoe size

• If this is your first time and/or you have no certificate,
you can do our "Experience course."
ONE (1) dive: $100 (includes all diving gear)+ boat fee of $50
TWO (2) dives same day $180 + boat fee ($70~$95)

• Divers with certificates can do our "Fun dive"
ONE (1) dive $90
TWO (2) dives $135
THREE (3) dives $195 (include scuba tank and weights and weight belt)
Diving gear rental price: Full rental $50
Boat fee for 1dive $50, 2dives $ 60 ~ $95

Afternoon dives are an additional $35/person.

Boat Charter & Cruise Activities!

Sunset Dinner Cruise

Don't miss one of Saipan's most beautiful sunsets out on the "Puti On" Saipan. Experience a breathtakingmview of Saipan from the top deck. Enjoy great food and entertainment plus learn to dance the Cha Cha! The Saipan Sunset Dinner Cruise includes dinner, drinks and live entertainment all onboard a ship during the beautiful Saipan sunset hours of 5:30-8:30. This may be the perfect choice for a birthday, romantic anniversary/wedding or just a relaxing evening on the tropical seas!
Dining and entertainment by sunset
• COST: $65/per person

Trolling/Dolphin Watching

Enjoy an exciting, four-hour adventure on Saipan's beautiful waters. catch mahi mahi, tuna, yellowtail and more!
Here's the boat you'll be on!

Catch and release, or we can prepare your catch right on the boat!
• GROUP SIZE: a minimum of THREE (3) people required for the boat to sail; If your group is less than three, you will share with other guests, OR, you may pay the full charter price and sail with less.
• AGE: Minimum age: 4 years old; no charge for children under 11
• START TIME: Your adventure can start:
(a) 8:00am - 12noon, or
(b) 1:30pm - 5:30pm, or
(c) 2:30pm - 6:30pm
• PICK UP: We offer free pick up and drop off to your hotel wherever you are on Saipan!Pickup time would typically be half hour to 45 minutes before start time.
• COST: Your group of up to 3 people = $590 + $60 each additional person ( Example: the total price for a group of 5 would be $590 + $60 + $60 = $710. )

"Day of the Dolphin" Watching!

Come watch the dolphins play!
• COST: The dolphin watching adventure is packaged similarly (and/or) with Trolling. As indicated in the trolling description, the cost to charter the boat is $590. The minimum number of people needed for the boat to leave the dock is actually THREE. With three people, each person would pay $197ea = $590 total. We won't know if any others are interested in your date until we get closer to the date.
• NOTE: Of course, we cannot absolutely guarantee that the dolphins will come out and play on any given date.

COMING SOON: "Swim with the Sharks! (and manta rays)

Interested? Send this email for an overview and launch date!

Bottom Fishing

Catch a variety of exotic edible local reef fish in the shallow crystal blue waters of Saipan. No experience? No problem! The crew will assist you.
No experience? No problem!
Prepared right on the boat!
• DETAILS: Water and ice available on the boat. Fresh sashimi on the boat from your catch of the day. Sunset trip INCLUDES refreshments & bento. Beer and bento included in your sunset fishing package
• TIMES: Day trip:
Evening trip: 5:30-8:30
• COST: You can charter a boat for any sized group of up to 6 people for $550)

Private charters are available for weddings, birthdays corporate events, star gazing, etc. Please inquire!

Saipan from the Air

Sky diving

A picture is worth a thousand words!
Safe, tandem dive over Saipan!

• AGE: 18 to 65
• Physical requirements No medical problems
• Maximum weight: 100kg
• *Cameras or electronic devices allowed: NO
*We will film your jump for additional cost below:
• COST: height: 2400m (7874ft) $299/person (video of jump $160) • COST: height: 3000m (9842ft) $339/person (video of jump $160) • COST: height: 3600m (11,811ft) $379/person (video of jump $160) • COST: height: 4200m (13,779ft) $419/person (video of jump $119)
Jump times start at 7am (8am, 9am, etc.) with pickup from your hotel as erly as 6am.

Indoor Activities

CNMI Museum

Check out Saipan's museum. Call for schedule and hours

Saipan Zoo

Yes, there's a great zoo on Saipan with tigers, lions, exotic birds, deer, ostriches, fish, iguanas and more! Call for schedule and hours.

Thursday Street Market!

Every Thursday evening from 6pm to 9pm, dozens of food, craft and jewelry vendors gather, performers present, and people people-watch and enjoy the warm summer evening in Garapan. Experience the full spectrum of cultures on Saipan. Takes place in the Garapan boat basin across from Kristo Rai church on Beach Road. Ask your hotel front desk for directions.

Land Activities

Walt's "Saipan in a Day" tours!

SaipanBookings.com owner, Walt Goodridge, is the "Jamaican on Saipan!" Check out Walt's unique "WWII pilgrimage," "Discover Saipan" and "Trekking" tours of Saipan and the "Tinian to Hiroshima" Enola Gay tour of Tinian. See them all at www.discoversaipan.com/tours.html
• AGE: newborn +
• COST: $249/first person + $100 for each additional (no charge for children up to 11; $50 for ages 11-17)
"Once upon a time, there was a Jamaican civil engineer living in New York who hated his job, followed his passion, started a sideline business publishing his own books, found the courage to quit his job, escaped the rat race, ran off to a tropical island in the Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls (and anyone else, of course) every day...and live a nomadpreneur's dream life. He is now the "Jamaican on Saipan!" "

Walt Goodridge has written several books about Saipan including Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan, and also Saipan Living (A Relocation Guide), and also Doing Business on Saipan, as well as Saipan Now! A Photo Adventure, and co-authored Drinking Seawater (a typhoon Soudelor memoir) and has been recognized by official Resolution (No. 15-54) by the CNMI Senate for his contributions to CNMI society. You can learn more about Walt, his books and tours at www.jamaicanonsaipan.com or www.waltgoodridge.com
Photo: Walt and members of Chinese idol group, SNH48--living his "passionpreneur - nomadpreneur - vegan - minimalist" lifestyle on the island of Saipan!

Fully refundable due to cancellation

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*Morning events are anytime between 8:30am - 12noon
*Afternoon from 12noon to 5:30; Dinner cruise: 5:30-8:30
*For large groups of 8,10 or more for tours and scuba diving, contact as at [info(at)saipanbookings.com] re: as special vehicles may need to be arranged.

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Scuba Diving

Shore dive ($150)
Boat dive ($220)
Beginn certif. ($500)
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Sunset Dinner Cruise ($65) Select Sunset Dinner Cruise date with calendar:
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Trolling-Dolphin Watching ($197/$590)

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Bottom Fishing ($550; 6 maximum) Choose:
Full charter ($550)
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Sky Diving ($289/person) Select Sky Diving date with calendar:
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Walt's "Saipan in a Day" Tour ($249 1st person; $100/add'l) (no charge for children under 11; Teens 11-17:$50/ea);

RAV4 4-wheel drive for Mount Tapachao, etc.
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